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Negative List of Input Tax Credit in GST


Dealer of Motor Vehicle Any Vehicle Full ITC can be claimed
Passenger Transportation Vehicle used for Passenger Transportation


Any Other vehicle

Full ITC can be claimed



ITC cannot be claimed

Training relating to driving of such vehicle Vehicle used for training


Any other Vehicle

Full ITC can be claimed


ITC cannot be claimed

Any other business Vehicle used for transportation of goods


Any other vehicle

Full ITC can be claimed


ITC cannot be claimed


Food & Beverages ITC cannot be claimed If engaged in similar line of business, then Full ITC can be claimed on these items
Outdoor catering ITC cannot be claimed
Beauty treatment services ITC cannot be claimed
Health services ITC cannot be claimed
Cosmetic and plastic surgery ITC cannot be claimed
Rent a cab service ITC cannot be claimed If engaged in similar line of business or there is mandatory requirement from government to provide such services by employer to employee then full ITC can be claimed on these items
Life Insurance service ITC cannot be claimed
Health Insurance service ITC cannot be claimed
Membership of a club, health & fitness Centre ITC cannot be claimed No exception
LTA benefit extended to employees ITC cannot be claimed No exception
Construction Contract Services for construction of immovable property ITC cannot be claimed If engaged in similar line of business, then Full ITC can be claimed on these items
ITC on goods and services used for self-construction of building cost of which is capitalized in books ITC Cannot be claimed No exception


Amit Mundhra FCA

Author is member of ICAI and this information is compiled for informational and educational purpose only. He can be reached at Email : amit.mundhra@gmail.com

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73 Responsesso far.

  1. mukund says:

    its very useful post.

  2. ajay kulkarni says:

    Our business as construction Service, can we get ITC on Hotel Accommodation exp.

    pls reply


    ajay k

  3. abhay says:

    dear sir, there is a air conditioned restaurant. we are providing cold drink with food. than What Will be rate of GST on that? whether it will be 18 % or 28% with 12% cess. if we provide cold drink without food in restaurant than what will be rate of GST on cold drink ?

  4. Baiju says:

    Sir, ours is a proprietorship firm and we have purchased 2 mobiles for our employees with the name of proprietor. can i take it input for the same.


  5. Jagan says:

    Hi Sir, this is Jagan I’m a Mobile Retailer & wholesaler.

    I have a doubt in claiming ITC. Rent paid including GST is Rs. 21,063 (Rent Rs. 17,850 + SGST 1,606.50 + CGST 1,606.50). Can ITC on rental expense be claimed?

    How to deal with this in GST return filing. Thanks in advance.

  6. Arpit Agarwal says:

    Sir if I purchased a Two wheeler in a Name of firm..For my Trading Business..and I have used this two wheeler for supply of goods..whether I can claim ITC or not..

  7. admin says:

    ITC will not be available in this case.

  8. Mehboob Khan says:

    Whether Itc of capital goods can be claimed in one full year or within 5 years on proportionate basis.

  9. Sakti Das says:

    information furnished are very useful to the GST payers practitioners and tax officials as well

  10. Vamsi krishna says:

    Sir if transportation facility provided to our employees than we can claim itc on such expenditure

  11. Durga says:

    Sir, We used purchase food items (i.e snacks) for employees, they are charging GST on the same.
    For food items there is no ITC avialable. But the same are appearing in my GST Portal under GSTR-2A.
    What i have to do, while filing GSTR-2.

    Pls do the needful urgent.

  12. Jai Purohit says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are into infrastructure(Construction Contracting)/Works Contract Business, We are hiring Passenger Vehicles at our work site (Transporting our employees from one place to another), can we avail GST credit against such hire charges, which is charged by our vendor /Service provider in his Tax Invoice ??


  13. CA.Mukesh Agarwal says:

    Dear Sir
    We are doing telecom business, during the month variouse schemes are run in market for dealers like target base, spike etc if the dealer achive target the we issue credit note to dealer,
    we have issue credit note to partner without GST,
    Now quetion is , should be charge GST in credit note
    if yes , under which section/rule cover
    If No, why ?
    CA.Mukesh Agarwal

  14. RAJESH CHHEDA says:

    I am service provider
    For repairing & renovation of office , I bought Glasses, Plywood , Formica & hardware
    All are capitalized to furniture & fixture.
    Can I avail GST on all above purchases     ?
    Please guide

  15. RAJESH CHHEDA says:

    My friends have restaurant business & also have franchise income in one company
    Can he opt composition on restaurant business GST @5% & for franchise income GSt @ 18%

  16. Bhushan Shikhare says:

    Hello Sir,
    We have proprietorship firm. We are moveing in another place. If we get gst invoice from ragisre person, of flooring, furniture, fittings, air conditioner, cctv, etc. on firm’s name. Then will we get itc on those goods?


     Dear Sir/Mam
    Please let us know the  GST Rate of hiring a bus on rent for office staff pick and drop to home, hiring charges taken on monthly basis. and whether ITC Credit is available on that or Not???

  18. arun says:

     If output tax of a trader is less than the input tax then how to compute his tax 

  19. Dharmesh Tandel says:

    we are providing education services till 12th class and registered under GST, pl clarify the following services/goods whether liable to GST or not.
    1. Education fees received from students
    2. sale of note book/ stationary and uniforms to students
    3. ITC can be claim on purchase of books/uniform 
    4. ITC can be claim on construction/ repaire of school.

  20. KR.VEERAPPAN says:

    A Trust wants to construct its office building through a contractor and the main sources of income of the Trust from Property, for which it raises GST on rent from the tenants. Now, I want to know whether the Trust can claim ITC of GST paid to the contractor of the building against GST payable on rent?

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