With faceless assessments, the litigation in Income Tax is growing at a very rapid space in India. We understand that dealing with income tax assessments and appeals can be a complex and time-consuming process. With our combined experience of 50+ years in income tax appeals and assessment, we offer such services with a view to helping our clients deal with the matters under Income Tax Act. 


  • Assisting and representing in income tax assessments
  • Drafting and replies to various notices
  • Section 148 and 143(3) assessments
  • Drafting and filing of appeals before CIT appeals
  • Arguing and representation before CIT appeals
  • Drafting and filing of appeals before ITAT
  • Arguing and representation before ITAT
  • Review and compliance with existing filed appeals
  • Legal Opinions on complex legal matters


We are committed to delivering high-quality Income Tax Appeals and Litigation Services that meet our client’s needs and goals. You can contact us to learn more about these services. 


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