Leveraging Zoho Books’ Projects Feature for Project Based Accounting – A Case Study

This case study explores how we successfully utilized the Projects feature in Zoho Books to streamline and enhance our project based accounting processes of our client. By leveraging the capabilities of Zoho Books, we were able to improve project tracking, budget management, and financial reporting, resulting in increased efficiency and accuracy in our accounting practices.


Our Client, a internet marketing and influencer marketing service provider, frequently undertakes projects that require careful monitoring of expenses, revenue, and profitability. With an expanding project portfolio, we needed an accounting solution that could seamlessly integrate project management with financial operations. Zoho Books emerged as the ideal platform, offering robust project-based accounting functionalities and a user-friendly interface.


Before adopting Zoho Books, our client faced several challenges in managing project-based accounting:

Lack of integration

The previous accounting software lacked integration with project management tools, leading to fragmented data and time-consuming manual reconciliations.

Inaccurate project tracking

The struggled to track project-related income and expenses accurately, making it difficult to evaluate project profitability and make informed decisions. They were primarily using excel to track this but not able to correctly monitor the projects.

Limited budget control

Without a comprehensive budget management system, they faced challenges in monitoring project expenses against allocated budgets and ensuring cost control.

Implementation and Results:

To address these challenges, we decided to implement Zoho Books and leverage its Projects feature. The implementation process consisted of the following steps:

Setting up projects

We created individual projects within Zoho Books to represent each of their customer engagements or internal initiatives. Each project was assigned a unique project code and designated team members responsible for tracking and managing project finances.

Budget management

Zoho Books allowed us to set up project budgets, defining the expected revenue and expenses for each project. They could easily monitor actual costs against the allocated budget, helping them identify and control potential budget overruns.

Expense tracking 

We utilized Zoho Books’ expense tracking capabilities to record project-related expenses accurately. Now our client’s team members could easily capture expenses using mobile apps and categorize them based on project codes, ensuring that all project costs were appropriately attributed.

Invoicing and revenue recognition

Zoho Books streamlined the invoicing process by automatically linking invoices to specific projects. This feature ensured accurate revenue recognition and facilitated the seamless tracking of project-related income.

Financial reporting

Zoho Books provided comprehensive reporting functionalities, enabling them to generate project-specific financial reports. They could easily assess project profitability, monitor key performance indicators, and share financial insights with stakeholders, enhancing transparency and decision-making.

Benefits of implementing Projects in Zoho Books:

Implementing the Projects feature in Zoho Books yielded several benefits for our client.

Enhanced project tracking

The integrated project tracking capabilities enabled our client to monitor project-related income, expenses, and profitability in real-time, allowing for proactive decision-making and early identification of issues.

Improved budget management

With Zoho Books, our client gained better control over project budgets, enabling them to monitor costs, prevent budget overruns, and allocate resources effectively.

Streamlined invoicing

The automated invoicing process reduced manual errors and improved the accuracy of revenue recognition, resulting in smoother cash flow management.

Efficient reporting

Zoho Books’ reporting capabilities provided comprehensive insights into project financials, enabling them to generate accurate reports quickly and share them with stakeholders to facilitate informed decision-making.


By leveraging Zoho Books’ Projects feature, our client successfully streamlined project based accounting processes, leading to improved project tracking, enhanced budget control, and efficient financial reporting. The integration of project management and accounting functions in Zoho Books enabled our client to make informed decisions, enhance profitability, and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

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Author: Amit Mundhra CA
Amit Mundhra FCA is a Fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India. He is senior partner in Karnani & Co., Chartered Accountants. He is having 20+ years of experience in Income Tax, GST, VAT, Accounting, Audit and Assurance field.

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